Monday, 16 April 2018

4 - 4.5 Years Update - [After Second Operation]

Greetings all,

Well, it's been a long time since my last post (longer than initially anticipated).  The reasons for that are because I wanted to really see how my recovery would develop over time.  The issue I faced when reading other people's blogs were that there was no genuine timeline associated with the updates, the majority of which seemed to lack a certain degree of credibility.  For this reason, I created this blog and allowed real time to elapse showing real healing regardless of whether it was pretty or not.  I felt that others like me wanted and would appreciated to see a real patient, before, during and some years after the treatment.  This is the only way I could think of to show potential patients realistic expectations.

So, how did my healing go?  Take a look and see for your self:

Updates from October 2017 (me with very short hair):

Updates from April 2018:

Yes, yes yes I know I know I need a trip to the Barber, but intentionally wanted to let you see it this way so that you know how the scare really looks from different angles and with different hair lengths):

You will notice that there was some hair re-grown on my scar.  Not as much as I had hope, however that was always a cosmetic detail I could live without.  The skin pigmentation is almost completely back to my natural skin colour to  and continues to improve each month.  The main thing for me is that the aesthetics of the scar have dramatically improved.  The improvement has meant that I can re-focus on my life without the annoying itching, flaking, bleeding or the embarrassment that came from people staring and pointing (especially from little children who might innocently say "Mommy look at the back of that mans head").  Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

So, do people still look at the back of my head?  Of course they do!  Do people still look and stare?  Positively not, these days they simply look and look away.  How do I know this without eyes at the back of my head?  By the reflections in train windows, or in lifts (elevators), or any other of the very many ways that we learned to cope with AKN.  

In short, I can not begin to thank Dr. Umar enough for the operation and healing he performed on the back of my head.    My life, my thoughts and my energy are now focused on other things and I can only look back to 2013 and smile at just how much time, effort and energy I really spent thinking about the AKN at the back of my head.  Nowadays, I focus on my family, my health, living life and keeping in good shape.

So people, I think I am done here now and hope that this real blog (over real timescales) and showing real evidence has helped you or somebody you know.  I am not suggesting which Dr. you should get treatment from, however I can speak from firsthand experience and suggest he is absolutely worth at least speaking with.  I am 100% happy I went to Dr. Umar and after seeing my pictures and reading my blog, you are well informed to ultimately make your own decision.

For those still suffering with AKN, hang in there, cures are out there in among all the many many scams.  Remember that the most important step is the first step, so do something about it today... I am sure you will be glad you did.

Well wishes, kind thoughts, peace and prosperity to all of you and your loved ones.  For me and for the very last time, it's time to check out...

Kind (and final) regards,