Sunday, 6 March 2016

1.5 Year Update - [After Second Operation]

Greetings all, I trust you are keeping well.  Well, it's been 6 months since my last blog so it is time to send another update as I am due to update Dr. Umar this week. 

In summary, the progress theme seems to be steady, surely.  The last blast of steroids made a more visible difference than before and there is some more (albeit it modest) hair growth.  I have another session of my beloved steroids this week, so will update if any noticeable changes occurs shortly after that, otherwise I think 6months will be the next update, who knows what I will be able to report by then...

For now, judge for yourself by looking at the pictures below, however my honest opinion is that it looks better each time I blog and is the best it's looked so far and looking more natural as time passes.  Still not fully there yet, but looks calmer than the last time I posted and still heading in the right direction - Take a look:

Remember, you can click these images to see them larger.

Until next time, peace, and good fortune, excellent health and lots of other good stuff to you all.