Friday, 10 July 2015

9 Month Update - [After Second Operation]

Let's get straight into it this month and go straight to the update.  The progress since 3 months ago seems to be minimal in terms of hair growth.  What had previously started to grow has continued and got longer, but nothing more in terms of overall coverage.  There are a few new sproutlings, but barely visible to the eye (and not visible to the camera), however I can feel them breaking the skin surface like sharp little spears, they are definitely there.

I recently had a very meaningful conversation with Dr. Umar re: my progress.  Whilst it was agreed that AKN had been successfully removed, the aesthetic improvements were not yet as we had hoped.  Dr. Umar explained that I may have developed 'hypertrophy' which means some of the scar is harder and thicker than the rest and slightly raised.  This results in limited or slowed hair growth as the hair struggles to push through the tougher skin.  As a result, I have been advised to have:

1) a 2-3mm punch biopsy - For further investigation
2) 3x phases of intralesional steroid injections of Kenolog (triamcinolone) 4lmg/cc - 3 weeks apart

The plan is that this will flatten the scar and thus allow more hair to grow through the skin surface, however we will re-asses after the steroids and biopsy before deciding a way forward.  Take a look at the current status below:

I have my appointment with my local Dr. (under the direction of Dr. Umar) in 4 days time to take the biopsy and give the first dose of steroids, then I will go on holiday to the Caribbean.  I will provide more regular updates during the 3x steroid phases and also when I know more about the results of the biopsy.

Until then, take care and I will share more in approximately 3 weeks time...