Monday, 29 December 2014

3 Month Update - [After Second Operation]

Seasons greetings, I hope you had a wonderful time however you chose to spend your time during Christmas.  As for me, it's been a great year, new job going well (although it's not so new anymore as I have been there over a year now), our overseas emigration also went well and my wife and children settling in nicely to our more relaxed life style.  I do however have this song annoyingly buzzing around in my head that I heard which somehow reminds me of the first trip to LA (I think it was playing in the Airport in Atlanta during a trip to Texas):

Roam if you want to (by the B52's)      - Is it now in your head too? hehe ;-)

As for my healing, well again it looks different to the last update, however seems to be in-keeping with expectations at this stage.  Please note the following:


0-2 months:  25 - 100% of implanted grafts expected to shed
2-4 months: Scar continues to heal
4-5 months: New hair will sprout in grafted area
12 months:  Should be clear the full extent of success of operation and a judgement may be taken if further grafts or any other treatment might be required
18 months:  Longest expected time for full hair growth to be present

What Actually Happened:

  • Scar has shed 95% of grafted implants (as expected)
  • Scar appears mostly flat, however there are some small lumps near the top - These are not obvious when viewed standing close to me, but can be seen if very closely observed or via close up photos
  • Pigmentation continues to gradually return
  • Impact to my donor area seems minimal as can be seen (or not seen) from the first 4x photos
  • Donor area seems to have completely healed and is no longer sensitive to the touch - There were some small hair bumps at one stage, but the prescribed Erythromycin Topical Solution administered twice per day took care of those in short order
  • Things seem on track at this stage and the scar's appearance is comparable to what it was prior to the second operation

So for now I continue to use Dr. Umar's special Minoxodil solution on my scar/grafted area twice per day and continue to use the Burt's Bees shampoo.  I am able to swim and wear a helmet again, however I will do neither of these until well into the new year just to be safe.  I have just started occasionally laying on back again this week, something I have not done since the operation (as instructed).

See below for this episodes's picture updates:

The first four pictures shows the aesthetic impact and is how most people see my scar under usual daily circumstances.  They also show the size of my scar in relation to the size of my head:

Picture below shows a close up of the scar which is mostly flat.  Also notice how the lumps near the top are not obvious from this angle and proximity:

This photo angle shows the slight lumps near the top of the ridge of the scar - Again note that whilst they present, they are not very noticeable or immediately obvious if you see me in person:

Left and right profile:

And a final couple of close up shots:

Well, that's it for 2014.  I hope that 2015 will be an excellent year for you in all the positive things you wish to do.  Next update in 3 months time (in-keeping with my updates due to Dr. Umar), so I will blog again in the Spring of 2015 (March), 'til then, take care.



  1. Hey, I've been following your blog for the past two months. I've had AKN for well over 10 years now. Your blog has been absolutely amazing for me as it shows me what to expect if I elect to get the surgery. I'm from the Chicago, Illinois area in the US and we have a doctor here who also does surgery for AKN. Really appreciate you blogging your experience and I wish you well!


    1. Hi Michael,

      Good to hear from you and appreciate your kind words re: the blog. I completely appreciate your present position re: AKN. From personal experience I tried just about every possible remedy known to man, invested a lot of time, energy and money without any solution. Every other website seemed to promise 'THE' one and only real cure, but for me this was never the reality. I naturally treated Dr. Umar's claims with the usual scepticism, but remained open to the fact that somebody somewhere had to have a genuine cure. I independently varied his credentials and unlike many others, he was an established name in many fields of dermatology and hari transplants within the medical field. His website and Youtube videos are all great, however for me personally to remove any possible skepticism, wanted to see somebody before their operation, during (over a long period of time) a step-by-step view of the healing, e.g. showing first hand evidence of the process. As a result, I suggested to Dr. Umar that I write this blog to appease poeple like me that were tired of false promises and expense and just wanted to know the truth of a possible option. I believe this blog achieves this and I promised Dr. Umar, that whatever happens, I would post honestly about my experience.

      One thing I would suggest to you is to consider the methods used for operations as in the UK operations were available for many years, however in almost all cases the condition returned. This was due to the forced closing of the wound after surgery. Dr. Umar's approach is to let the wound heal 'OPEN'. This is counter to most contemporary thinking, however it demonstratably works. Whilst Dr. Umar is a pioneer in this field, he is of course still just one of several options. If the Dr. in Chicago has similar results, then he would also be a viable option. Perhaps if you use him, you could also write a blog to get the message of possible viable solutions to as many sufferers as possible?

      Anyways, whatever you decide I wish you a full and speedy recovery and if you decide to blog, would love to follow your progress.

      Anything you need to know, feel free to ask.


  2. Thank you for sharing a detailed update about your condition. It’s great to know that you’re satisfied with the results so far. Three months is a long time to wait for an update, but I hope you’ll be able to track your progress regularly. Keep us updated, yes? I wish you all the best!

    Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshall's Hair Salon & Spa

  3. Hi Sadie,

    Good to her from you and appreciate your kind words. The updates are in line with Dr. Umar's progress checkpoints, or whenever there is a significant change, or after each operation the updates were more frequent. The blog interval updates are now every 3 months as there is little to report in between, but I promise to make it as interesting as possible. Take care and I hope you stay tuned...