Friday, 3 October 2014

2 Week Update - [After Second Operation]


I have but one, small question...  Where is Frankenstein?  (the author pauses to ponder for a moment)...  Where de did he go?  He sure aint here...  I am a HUMAN BEING again, the swelling has significantly subsided, the scabs, the dried blood has all gone.  There is no discomfort, however my donar area (the area from which the hair was removed) is still a little tender.  I moisturise it with Bacitracin gel (my good ole friend from the first operation) as and when it gets dry.  The recipient area (the area that received the grafted hair e.g. the scar area from my first AKN oepration), is still slightly swollen but not excessively so, almost back to how it was prior to the second operation.  No more Frankenstein here, be gone with you sir, be gone!!! hehe

My care regime is now very simple.  From the begining, I had a strict regime of pain killers, antibiotics, Bacitracin and Sonafine mixed together, Dr. Umar's specially mixed Minoxidil product, distilled water and Burt's Bees Shampoo (this stuff smells ssssssooooo good, I could almost drink it...  well, almost).  Compared to the first operation, this 2 week regime was an absolute breeze (so easy).  Now, all I do is use the special Dr. Umar mix of Minoxidil first thing in the morning and last thing at night, that's it!  Sleeping does however continue to be on my sides and I must remain out of direct sunlight, not go swimming, where a helmet etc. for a next couple of months.  Again, this is a small and easily achieavable sacrifice.

Hair is now visibly present and growing from a good portion of the recipient area.  I beleive that it can take upto 2 years for the hair to grow, so what I am seeing in just 2 weeks is truly amazing!  Anyways, enough cyber-babble and as always, the pictures speak loudest.  So, see below my current progress pictures (with which I am well pleased):



My blog is getting some serious hits, somehow people are reading it and taking an interest.  I hope to at the very least spread the word and inform other suffers of this particular option that I chose to use.  What people do once they know is of course their decision, but it would be a social injustice if I knew of a cure and kept it to myself.  I just wish this procedure was available 20 years ago...
  I think Dr. Umar should do a tour of the UK because there are ssssssoooooo many others desperatly seeking a solution and are tired of the empty promises of the many "Guaranteed Solution" adverts so prevalent in the big cities of Britain.

Next update in 3 months (in line with my next update schedule to Dr. Umar).  Unitl then, take care.

Peace and prosperity,



  1. I'm glad that you're seeing the results this early! You're right that by sharing this, you can give people an idea of what their options are. Anyway, I hope everything is doing well, and that everything is progressing nicely. Good luck!

    Collene Puterbaugh @ Baja Hair Center

  2. Thanks for your kind words Collene, very much appreciated. Indeed, my goal is to share my experience and hope that others benefit from the knowledge, from what I see this is working. I saw from your site that you work for a company in a similar line of business? Great news! I wish you, your patients and colleagues all the best in the work they do.

    Next update will be just before Christmas, so stayed tuned for further progress and updated pictures.

    Kind regards,