Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Nine Months Later...

There are no excuses for being late, but...  My family and I have emigrated and the move last month took up an enourmous amount of our time and we were without internet for several weeks.  So, not so much of an excuse as such, more of a... hmmm, partial reason?  ;-)  Joking aside, I have extended the timeline slightly so that my next update will be a month from now and perfectly timed for my next trip to Fine Touch Dermatolgy and my next operation where I will cover the whole experience in detail.

So, back to the serious business of overcoming AKN.  I've become quite attached to the new me and I think it looks more natural each month.  The skin looks almost the same as the normal skin around the back of my neck albeit without hair, but it is very smooth and very flat and level.  The little lump at the very top right hand side of my scar is still there, but seems noticeably smaller and I have absolutley no issues with it whatsoever.  It is really not obvious at all.  I raised this with Dr. Umar and he said he'll keep a close eye on it, but it was not likely to be serious.  Also, when I return to his surgery next month he will take a much closer look then and if neccesary resolve any issues at that time.  To be honest, it is a very minor thing and I'll will play it by ear once back in LA.  See for your self and contrast last month's pictures to these and note the consistency of the pigmentation, smooth steady colour across the entire area - progress:

Just a month to go now, until my next operation... WOOHOO!!!  As previously mentioned, I will no longer be having the scar revision, instead I will be having hair transplants.  I want to make it clear that the AKN has gone completely and this second operation is purely for aesthetic improvement.  I am really looking forward to seeing the team again and seeing the lovely Redondo Beach (I could seriously see me retiring there).  I am also looking forward to seeing Dr. Umar's enonurmous, house-like dog (Zeus).  Honestly, this dog causes an eclipse he is so big!  One of the most magnificent canines I have ever seen.

Looking at these pictures above, I realise I need another hair cut... YIKES!!!  Or maybe I should let it grow, until they turn into dreadlocks and then I will start referring to myself in the plural third person narrative e.g. "I and I..."  Lol.

So, next time I will post from California once I am in the hotel and prior to my operation, then give a detailed update of the whole trip.  So, until then, stay safe and prosperous in all the good things that you do.


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