Monday, 30 June 2014

Eight Months Later...

Am listening to a tune that my wife has dedicated to me:

 The Man - By Aloe Blacc

She said this tune must have been written about me and she almost cries whilst I'm working away and she hears this...  Kinda romantic huh?

Right then, onto my progress.  I have been in contact with Dr. Umar and there has been a change of plan.  I will no longer be having a scar revision as the results may not reach the desired goal and my scar will not lend itself to that proceedure well as there's a possibility it could make it even wider than it is.  I will instead, be having a hair transplant by a process called FUE, using 300 - 500 grafts.  Although wide, my scar is very flat and this type of scar lends itself well to the graft technique.  I am soooooooo excited about the procedure and the possible outcome as I consider any improvement a good thing.  I am almost all set, flights, hotel and car have been booked and the operation will be Thursday 18th September (woohoo).  I am also looking forward to seeing Dr. Umar and his lovely team again, they are all such hard working, yet jovial and proffesional.

One observation is that there is a raised hard bit on the top right hand side of my scar.  I suspect it is just one of those things, but it is visible in the photos.  There are no issues with it, it does not weep, irritate or flake, it is just there and silky smooth to the touch.  Will mention to Dr. Umar, but am not concerned about it.  See pictures belows for further details:

Yes, yes, I know... very average photos and a less than average hair cut.  Well, that'll teach me to cut my hair and try to take photos at almost midnight after a very busy weekend and when I am half asleep... [big yawn]...

Anyways, that's it for now.  Keep well and more to follow next month.


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