Saturday, 31 May 2014

Seven Months Later...

Well, this month I want to explain a lttle about how things actually feel.  I now have full mobility of my neck without any undue tension which is progress.  To the touch, it feels silky smooth even though the pictures imply wrinkles.  I also have feelings in the scar again.  After the operation, I seemed to loose the sense of feelings in the scar, but now I can.  When I explained this to my wife, she understood completely and likened it to the feelings (or lack thereof) after a C-section birth.  I hope this makes sense. 

OK, so the scar is still wide, although very stable and settled, so I am more than ever looking forward to the next operation.  The pigmentation is slowly return and the skin looks more like skin rather than pink flesh.  People still look and look again, but not as they did prior to the operation.  Before the operation, people would look scornfully, grimace, make eye contact with a friend and pull a face.  Now after an initial look, they may look again, then just look away... PROGRESSS!!!  If you are wondering how I know how others respond to the back of my head, I have become an expert in the art of using reflections in trains and lifts (elevators). ;-)

To date, no issues to report since last posting so all is well.  I expect to have booked my flights for the next operation in September by the next posting to this blog.

Anyhoo, here are the pictures for month 7 take a few hours ago:

Take care and more to follow next month.


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