Sunday, 23 February 2014

Four Months Later...


I trust all is well with you and yours.  I hope for good health, abundant wealth and limitless prosperity for you and all that are dear to you. As for me, all is well, new job going good, family spent a week with me over here and we are very soon to completely emigrate.  I'm just sitting in some ambient lighting listening to some really smooth jazz music as I type.  In case you too love jazz, the tune I'm listening to right now is (click link below - if it doesn't launch, then try holding down 'CTRL' key and click the link again):

I Got Lost in his Arms - Mosaic Project (by Terri Lyne Carrington)

This month's catch-up shows my scar maturing.  By maturing, I mean, it seems to be somehow finding itself.  It is a little more raised than it was and the cutline has darkened in colour (Yep, I spell colour with a 'U' as the good Lord intended and make no apologies for using a 'U' in colour - This is the correct spelling and our American cousins who have chosen to omit the all important letter 'U' have been spelling it wrong for almost 200 years!) hehe ;-)  Joking aside, I think my scar is fuller than it was and I think it's also a little wider.  I was advised that this might happen so no issues.  One other observation is that I seemed to have a slight swelling on the lower, left-most corner or my scar.  I am not sure how this occurred, perhaps I inadvertently grazed it, or ate something that caused a reaction and become swollen, but honestly not sure.  It seemed tender on Friday, became swollen on Saturday night, but by the time I got to a camera (today Sunday afternoon), the swelling had mostly gone down.  If you look carefully at the pictures you will still just about see it.  I have an awful cold at present, so not sure if that may have something to do with it e.g. my immune system might be down.  I suspect the remainder of the swelling will go down by tomorrow, if not I will contact Dr. Umar for further advice.

See below for picture updates:

Notice the swelling in the above picture on the far left, lower portion of my scar

 And also note the visible swelling in this picture above

And this shot also captures the said swelling in the far left of the scar.  This angle also shows the general maturing of the scar that I mentioned in the initial paragraph.

Right side still seems OK

Overall, it is good and this long shot shows my improved neck-line, a vast and tremendous improvement to what I had this time last year and no flaking, or bleeding on my pillows!

Regarding my scar revision, I still have not confirmed a date.  I am thinking of doing it sooner rather than later as I read an article suggesting the best time is in the first few months after initial wound closure.  I expect to confirm this prior to the next blog update.

Aaaaaaanyways, that's it for this update, short but hopefully sweetishly informative (I have no idea of that's even a real word) lol.  Take care and if you need to know anything, just post to my blog and I will get to it sometime before the next millennium :-D



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