Sunday, 22 December 2013

Eight Weeks Later...

Woo-hoo, yes, yes, YEEESSS!!!  The bandages are off, they're gone, finished, FINITO!!!

My wound has finally closed within the expected time and one of Dr. Umar's senior medical team explained to me that my daily ritual has paid off.  All I have to do each morning is let the shower rinse over it, then dab it dry.  If it gets too dry, the apply some pure petroleum jelly as a lubricant and that's it.  So, I now get 20mins extra in bed each morning and 20 mins back each evening.  Ha ha, this is the best news I have heard in ages.  I feel like running down the street shouting 'They're gone, they're gone...', but I suspect I'd spend Christmas in an asylum, so time to gather ones thoughts and emotions and remain composed, this is of course how we do things in England.

OK, so here are the week 8 pictures:

Well, it's almost Christmas and after working overseas I am finally heading home tomorrow to 'Good Ole Blighty' (England).  Home to see my 2x fabulous children, my beautiful wife, my wider family and friends and of course, finally after 8, long weeks, without the bandages.  What a Christmas gift eh?

As previously agreed and as the wound has now closed, I will change the frequency of blog updates to once per month for the next 3 months, then will change the frequency again.

I truly hope this blog is useful to you.  I wanted to ensure that all those little things that I wanted to know, but could not independently find online would be answered here in an honest, candid and constructive way.  I was sceptical in the early stages as there are so many fraudulent claims of cures and I'm guessing if you are reading this blog, you may, also have experienced such claims and spent a lot of money in the process too.  This is different, Dr. Umar really is a Dr. and not just a Dr., but a world renowned specialist at the top of his game.  His credentials and reputation are very easily and independently verifiable from the U. S. medical industry governing bodies.  Remember, none of that matters though unless you keep up the after care, so throwing money at FineTouch Dermatology and hoping that's all you have to do is an unrealistic approach.  See my week 7 update, it takes discipline!

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and all those dear to you. 

See you in 2014.



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