Friday, 22 November 2013

Sutures (Stiches) Get Removed

My sutures (stiches) finally came out a few hours ago - WOOOHOOO, YEEHAAA, WOOP WOOP!!! - OK, that's the emotional bit over with, now to a return to being a typically reserved Brit, a quick translation "What a jolly good thing those fine fellows did by removing mi sutures" - lol

Anyways, back to business - Here's what happened:

1) As advised by my GP, I went to the 'Wounds Clinic' (a specialist NHS [National Health Service] unit in the UK - I never knew it existed but apparently it's been around for 10 years)

2) I gave a detailed explanation of my previous AKN condition to the nurse, then referred to my blog to show progress and what to expect (which she found very useful), then I gave her the details from Dr. Umar

3) Sutures removed without any pain or discomfort and a basic dressing applied for my journey home

4) Washed hair thoroughly using baby shampoo (the mildest I could find), but was sure to keep everything away from the wound - This was the first wash since the operation for fear of upsetting the wound

5) Washed and dressed the wound using the usual Videne, guaze and pressure bandages process

6) Good night's sleep

Sutures Removed, Pictures 'BEFORE' Wound and Hair Cleaned:

There's is no denying that my hair looks 'natty' as we Brits say (or 'mappy' as the Americans say).  Whatever the term, this necessary process left my hair looking the most unpleasant it's been since being in the Cadets.  A small price to pay for the common good of the overall work, however I was very keen to wash where the sutures had been.

Sutures Removed, Pictures 'AFTER' Wound and Hair Cleaned And Videne Re-applied to the Wound and Where Sutures Were:

With the sutures removed and the scar rapidly closing, I can now begin to see just how I might look once the healing is complete.  So far, everything looks very good and I remain optimistic and committed to precisely following Dr. Umar's every instruction [even if I do ask some seemingly odd questions], especially the advice of maintaining a 'chin high' posture.

The Sutures Laid to Rest... 

Stay tune and will talk again soon...

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