Friday, 1 November 2013

One Week Later...

So, today is 8 days after my operation and exactly 1 week since being dicharged.  I am kind of getting used to the head bandages and looking like 'The Karate Kid' - (lol)  My skin around the scar is starting to change shape and other than some slight itching, all is well.  My wife is now a dab-hand at changing the dressing and can do it in around 10 minutes.  I've even started back at work today, albeit working from home.  I have just done a few hours with lots of breaks and have been mostly kneeling or laying on my stomach with the laptop infront of me so that me head stays in the head-upwards position and doesn't stretch the scar by looking down.

Anyways, here some pictures from this morning prior to cleaning and after cleaning - You can see it is starting to change shape and the open wound is very clean:


PICTURES AFTER CLEANING (curteousy of my wife):

I'm guessing that the sutures will soon be ready to be removed, but will wait for Dr. Umar's response to today's pictures.  I'll post more pictures once they are removed.  Until then, stay tuned...

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