Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Journey Starts Here...

I live in the UK and have suffered 'Acne Keloidalis Nuchae' (AKN) at the back of my head since my late teenage years.  I am due to have an operation a week from now to remove the 2x 2.5 inch scar.  During the last 20 years I have tried most available types of treatment, however the condition is still there, it itches and sometimes bleeds.  At best, I have managed to stabilise it by using Bump Zapper [Extra Strength] by Breej and controlling my diet, e.g. mostly avoiding yeast-based products or at least minimising their in-take (e.g. bread, beer, cakes, malt extract drinks etc.) and drinking plenty of water.  I still partake in all of these things, but try to minimise. 

I stumbled accross some YouTube videos of Dr. Umar Sanusi's work at FineTouch Dermatology in Los Angeles (USA) for conditions similar to my own.  Looked promising, and seemed to dramatically improve appearance.  I made contact with the surgery and approximately 5 weeks, many emails and a phonecall later, I am now booked on flight to LA next week to have my AKN removed.  The purpose of this blog is to share an honest account of events before, during and up until 1 year after my operation.  I will write details of whatever happens along the way and hope that in some way, I can help other sufferers of AKN by my experience.  I have no idea how this story will unfold, however I am optimistic and promise to record all signifcant detail here with some occasional pictures and videos.

Well, that's all for now, keep watching as I will soon be talking about my experiences so far with fine touch Dermatology.

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