Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pictures Prior to Surgery 2013 and 2006 - [WARNING - Some images are very graphic - Viewer discretion is advised]

This is a good shot of the back of my head [October 2013] as it was a few days prior to my trip to L.A. for surgery.  The condition was stable, but flaky and very itchy.  The very white bit in the middle is what I guess us dead skin from numerous cryotherapy over the years.  It may look flat, but it is not, if you could touch it, you would realise it is very uneven with a small ridge, then lots of little bumps around the outside.

The bumps would bleed most days and soil my pillows.  The upper ridge would itch like crazy and would flake off.  The only product I found able to stabilise this, was a product from 'Breej' called 'Bump Zapper - Extra Strength.  This dried it out and seemed to prevent it getting worse, but was not a cure.

Above is a clearer shot of my AKN prior to surgery in October 2013.  Now you can see just how advanced my condition was.  Notice the very light patch in the middle and of you look closely, you will see lots of little bumps along the top of the scar area.


(Some viewers may find the below 2006 images alarming!!!)


The 4x images above are from 2006.  They were taken shortly after some from 'The Bump Centre' in London.  The treatment was cryotherapy, followed by some herbal treatments in the form of a blackish tar-like substance and a series of herbal tabletts.  I have heard that their treatment worked for some, but it did not work for me partly as I did not complete the treatment as I seemed to get ill and wasn't sure if it was due to the tabletts, partly as I saw no tangible improvement and most of all I could no longer bare the excrutiating pain of the bi-weekly cryotherapy and the eye-wateringly painful peeling of the black substance from the scar prior to each cryotherapy session.  I stopped after a few weeks.  The 4x pictures above from 2006 shows the tar-like substance cracking and considerable oozing.

I later visited 'AB Bumps' in London and the treatment seemed much kinder (e.g. not so painful) and I observed it wokring for some, but not all patients.  It killed off many of the smaller legions around the perimiter, but not all.  the entire scar area widened during this time.  I received treatment there for approximately 7 months, then eventually gave up.

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